Pegasus GmbH stands for almost 15 years of knowledge on how to operate our own crematories, as well as to consult other market players. Our history in more detail:

  2002 Our first crematorium in Diemelstadt starts its operation.
  2003 The crematorium in Diemelstadt launches its second cremator.
  2004 We are officially incorporated as Pegasus GmbH.
  2005 Our second crematorium in Hennigsdorf (close to Berlin Tegel Airport) is launched.
  2005 We take-over the crematorium in Brandenburg and refurbish the existing technology.
  2006 The first cremations are conducted in Brandenburg.


We advise the new operators of the crematorium in Cottbus on how to optimally take over from the previous operator, and hence, facilitate the start-up of the new company, called “CL Feuerbestattungen GmbH”. Until today, we are engaged in a very friendly cooperation with mutual benefits. 
  2006/07 In Diemelstadt, our fireclay brickwork is reconditioned completely.


We take over the crematorium in Hameln, which is called “Feuerbestattungen Weserbergland GmbH”.
  2009 Our headquarters move to Zwickau.


We start the operation of the crematorium in Luxemburg. It’s our first location outside of Germany.


Once again, we provide extensive consulting activities to enable the private operators “FL Feuerbestattungen GmbH” to take over the crematorium from the municipality of Forst. Subsequently, we develop a very close cooperation. 


We provide consulting work and develop business plans for a diverse set of new private companies that seek to enter the cremation market. Moreover, we support existing crematories with our long-term knowledge and administrative services.

  2013 We provide consulting to animal crematories and support them with administrative issues. 
  2014 We take over the crematorium in Saalfeld.


As our business expands, we hire new personnel. We are proud to employ 35 highly motivated and skilled people, who are educated in diverse fields.
  2016 We get a new webpage and increasingly look beyond the German borders.